Make Online Events More Engaging

Make Online Events More Engaging


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In a time where a prospect is overwhelmed with invites for any and every event, how do you make your event stand out? What are the different aspects of online engagement and how do you capture your audiences’ attention?

With several platforms available to host online events, the real game-changer is the ability to keep the audience’s interest captured and invoke a sort of loyalty. From pre-event activities to communication campaigns and post-event interaction, there are plenty of ways to keep connected with your audience.

Creating event awareness, engagement, and amplification

A successful online event planning starts from the conception of the event.

One of the best ways to deliver an immersive experience to the audience during an online event is to gamify the event. Some exciting games along with fun-filled engagement are a sure-shot way of keeping the audience glued to the event. Seal it with some rewards and keepsakes, and it’s a recipe for success!

There are many ways by which you can generate interest and engage the audience throughout the lifecycle of the event.

Let’s dive into some of the most successful audience engagement activities.

  • Referral contest

Running a referral contest is a win-win for both organizers and participants. Organizers get more registrations and participants get the refer others and win prizes. What’s more, the referral contest adds excitement to the event. Creating a referral contest that works seamlessly for the organizers and referrers is not easy; that’s why KonfHub has an automatic referral contest functionality that makes your task as an organizer easy!

  • E-mail, SMS & WhatsApp automated campaigns

Craft beautiful e-mails and/or messages to your subscriber list. Most platforms allow integrations to enable the functionality. However, a few platforms like KonfHub have integrated it into their platform, thereby, removing the need of any extra third party applications. You can start converting registrations to event attendees by sending SMS, WhatsApp and email reminders. You can pre-schedule them so they’ll get automatically triggered! (who said live can’t be easy for event organizers!)

  • Online live quizzes

Gamification is an excellent strategy to create a fun experience for the audience during the event. Create LIVE quizzes during your event and keep the audience on their toes. Be it product promotion, brand awareness, or learning modules — the possibilities for gamification are endless. Moreover, the quizzes are competitive with live leaderboard tracking and giveaways for winning the quizzes! You can use QuizHub for creating MC-led LIVE quizzes — and what’s more, the platform is FREE of cost!

  • Social media giveaways

A great way to create more visibility for your online event is to create a presence online. Small campaigns can be launched to create online engagement for the event, sparking conversations. This is a great way to generate more leads for the events as well as gather intel on the expectations of the audience from the event. A social giveaway could be a free ticket to your event or VIP access to the event speakers!

  • Feedback forms

An absolute necessity, it is imperative to gather feedback from attendees so that future events can be optimized. This is one of the most important ways of engaging with the audience. The recognition and acceptance of feedback from attendees create an indelible impression in the minds of the audience.

  • Participation certificates

Another challenge of online events is the lack of physical keepsakes. In yesteryears, the proof of attending any event used to be the keepsakes and takeaways. In the new era, these have been replaced by e-certificates. You can create certificates through various third-party applications. Or you can issue certificates directly from the event dashboard from online event platforms like KonfHub.

Depending on the objective and goal of an online event, there are many strategies and campaigns that can be executed to make it successful and unforgettable.

KonfHub is a one-stop platform for creating and hosting online, hybrid and in-person events. The event dashboard on KonfHub provides a birds eye view of the operational details of the event. Without the requirement of unnecessary third-party integrations for tasks like sending SMSs, emails, or WhatsApp messages, creating referral contests, or issuing participation certificates, KonfHub makes it extremely easy to host a successful online event or hybrid event.

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