Approval-based Registrations: Choose Your Participants for Closed Room Events

Approval-based Registrations: Choose Your Participants for Closed Room Events


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One of the most common challenges organisers face is the inability to control / restrict the participants they want for an event. This especially holds true for closed room events. Such events refer to a private or exclusive event or network that is restricted to a specific group of users or members.

In a closed room event, only certain members who match the participation criteria are allowed to participate. For example, organisers may want only professionals, such as developers, to participate in a tech seminar or have criteria such as job title or company affiliation. However, while organisers do mention this in the criteria for registration, an open form cannot restrict people who don’t fit this bracket from registering themselves.

That’s where our new approval-based registration feature on KonfHub will be a game-changer for organising events. Along with all other features available on our admin dashboard, such as paid and free tickets, you can now use the approval-based registration option.

Benefits of Creating Tickets With Approval-based Registration

By using an approval-based registration process, event organisers can carefully control the registration of the closed user group and ensure that only selected interested participants are approved to be part of the event.

You may ask: Is waitlisting different or same as approval-based registrations? Yes, waitlisting is different from approval based registrations. Many event-ticketing platforms (including KonfHub) have the waitlist feature in which a waitlist opens up when the ticket gets sold out. It’s similar to making a reservation for a waitlisted train ticket. You get a waitlisted ticket so that whenever the numbers keep moving ahead or get cancelled, then you get upgraded. Hence, the next person on the roster would get the ticket when a slot becomes available.

Whereas, approval-based registration is different because the organiser can decide who should be allowed to participate by approving or rejecting the registrations. In simple terms, this is a selective approach so that only those who fall under the organiser’s expected category are allowed to take part in the event.

How to Create an Approval-based Registration in KonfHub?

After you create an event on KonfHub, proceed with ticket creation where you will find various options. Amongst these options, you need to simply select the checkbox for approval-based registration and you are done — — it’s that simple!

On the admin dashboard, the organiser can add forms such as Organization, Designation, LinkedIn URL which will be filled by interested participants when mailing their registration. This will provide the organiser a fair idea of the interested participant’s background, qualification and more. After the review, they can choose to accept or reject. For example, if an organiser wants only professionals to attend then they can reject requests having a “student” profile.

Are you planning to host a closed door event? Now you can use this approval-based registration feature to go ahead with your event. Try it NOW!

At KonfHub, we are constantly updating our features and adding new ones to make the organiser’s job easy and scale to 100x.

Planning to organise an event? Visit us today to check out how you can amplify and gamify yours with KonfHub.