Sell Tickets in GCC/MENA Region With Tap Payments Integration

Sell Tickets in GCC/MENA Region With Tap Payments Integration


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MENA (Middle East and North Africa) / GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) is strategically located as a gateway to global markets. Tap payments is a popular Payment Gateway (PG) in this region which has diverse trade routes, and bustling business hubs. KonfHub with its Tap Payments integration offers a seamless payment solution for the MENA / GCC region.

With Tap Payments on KonfHub, event organizers can now effortlessly accept payments using 20 payment methods, 10 currencies across 9 countries in this region. For ticket sales, Tap Payments enables secure and convenient payment handling, facilitating hassle-free event management for organizers.

Tap into Seamless Transactions: 20 Payment Methods!

Tap payments supports 20 payment methods including mada, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Meeza, KNET, Oman Net, Naps, Benefit, Benefit Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Careem Pay, Tabby, Postpay, STC Pay, Ur Pay, Fawry, and more. Simply connect your Tap Payments account to the KonfHub event and let the purchaser choose the payment method of his/her choice during ticket payment.

Catering to Diversity: Support for 10 Currencies

Tap supports transactions in 10 currencies (including Euro, GB Pound, and USD) across the MENA/GCC region, providing organizers with the flexibility to cater to attendees from diverse regions. This enables seamless transactions and enhances accessibility for event participants in the MENA/GCC region.

Sell Tickets in 9 countries in MENA/GCC!

Tap Payments is supported in numerous countries in MENA/GCC, enabling businesses to effortlessly manage payments and payouts across borders. From the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and many others, Tap Payments provides seamless payment solutions for businesses operating internationally.

How to connect Tap Payments as your event payment gateway?

  • Connecting to Tap Payments for your event on KonfHub is quick and easy!

  • Go to the ‘Payment & Taxes’ section. Select ‘Connect your PG (Payment Gateway) option.

  • Select ‘Connect with Tap Payments’ option. Remember this option is only available under the premium plan. Please upgrade to avail this feature.

  • Provide necessary details & click connect Tap Payments.

If you don’t have a Tap account, you can create one from the Tap website.

That’s it! Your Tap Payments account is now connected to KonfHub!

Once this Tap Payments integration is completed for your KonfHub event, you can start sharing your event URL for participants to purchase tickets. As tickets are bought, you’ll see that the ticket sale funds are directly deposited into your Tap Payments account (minus the Tap Payments processing charges depending on the mode of payment). Didn’t we say it’s easy?!


Unlock the power of seamless payment processing for your events in the MENA/GCC region with KonfHub's integration of Tap Payments. From instant payments to support for multiple currencies in the MENA/GCC region and global payment capabilities, Tap Payments streamlines the entire payment process, allowing organizers to focus on delivering unforgettable experiences for their attendees. Connect with Tap Payments today and take your event payments to the next level!

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