Introducing KonfHub's Lite Plan: The Perfect Solution for Simple, Budget-Friendly Event Management

Introducing KonfHub's Lite Plan: The Perfect Solution for Simple, Budget-Friendly Event Management


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Are you an event organiser seeking a straightforward ticketing platform with essential features and minimal fees?

Look no further! KonfHub's new Lite Plan is designed for event organisers who need a simple, budget-friendly solution for managing their events. Whether you're hosting a tech fest, cultural event, marathon, or community meetup, the Lite Plan offers efficient and cost-effective features to meet your needs.

Important Note: The Lite Plan is only available for organisers in India. It supports only UPI and no other payment methods (such as cards, net banking, and wallets).

Why UPI & UPI Lite?

UPI is wildly popular and extensively used in India, revolutionising digital payments and becoming a staple in daily financial transactions:

  • Massive Transaction Volume: As of 2024, UPI processes over 8 billion monthly transactions, showcasing its immense popularity and reliability for quick and secure payments.

  • Ease of Use and Accessibility: UPI (Unified Payments Interface) allows instant, real-time bank-to-bank transactions using mobile devices, making it highly convenient and accessible for users in India.

  • Widespread Adoption: As of 2024, UPI processes over 8 billion transactions monthly, demonstrating its extensive adoption and trust among consumers and businesses.

One of KonfHub's most common requests (especially from organisers of student events but also from other organisers) is a “low-cost, no-frills” event ticketing platform that supports ubiquitous UPI as the payment method. KonfHub is just that!

Who Is the Lite Plan For?

  • Student Communities: Ideal for student groups looking for pocket-friendly options to manage events without breaking the bank.
  • Organisers Preferring UPI Payments: Perfect for those who prefer UPI as the sole mode of payment for paid events, ensuring secure and easy transactions.

  • Minimalist Organisers: Designed for organisers seeking minimal ticketing features without unnecessary complexity.

Why Choose the Lite Plan?

The Lite Plan is designed for those who want to keep things simple while still benefiting from essential ticketing and attendee management features. Here's why the Lite Plan is perfect for you:

  • Minimal Ticketing Features: Enjoy all the basic ticketing functionalities you need without any unnecessary complexity.

  • UPI-Only Payments: Simplify your payment process with UPI-only support for paid events, making transactions easy and secure for your attendees.

  • Low Fees: For paid events, there is a fixed fee of 2% + GST per ticket (i.e., a total of 2.36% per ticket), which allows you to manage your budget more effectively.

Lite Plan Features

The Lite Plan comes packed with features that provide value and convenience:

  • Max Registrations and Ticketing: Manage up to 300 registrations effortlessly, whether they are free, paid, or donation tickets. After reaching the 300 ticket limit, additional fees of INR 10 per ticket apply.

  • Group Registrations: Facilitate team-based registrations with ease, allowing groups to register together efficiently.

  • Discounts and Access Management: Offer seamless discounts to your attendees with discount coupons and default discounts. Manage access efficiently using both bulk and custom access codes, and provide bulk and personalised discount coupons to attract more participants.

  • Email Confirmations: Send standard confirmation emails for registration, edits, transfers, and cancellations.

  • Email Campaigns: Run up to 3 email campaigns to participants.

  • Featured Events Listing: Request to have your event listed in our featured events section for greater visibility.

  • Email Support: Get support via email during working days (10 am to 7 pm IST).

In short, Lite plan is a minimalist event ticketing plan for you - delivers the biggest bang for your buck!

Benefits of the Lite Plan

  • Cost-Effective The Lite Plan is incredibly budget-friendly. With minimal fees and essential features, it’s perfect for organisers who need a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

  • Easy to Use
    Designed for simplicity, the Lite Plan ensures that you can manage your event smoothly without dealing with complex functionalities. The UPI-only payment option makes transactions straightforward and hassle-free.

  • Minimalist Tools

    From discount management to email campaigns, the Lite Plan provides a minimalist set of tools to ensure your event's success. Plus, our dedicated email support is here to assist you during working hours.

Steps to Go Live with the Lite Plan on KonfHub

  • Click Host Event: Begin by clicking the 'Host Event' button on the KonfHub landing page.

  • Create Your Event: Provide the basic details to create your event. Make sure to select INR in Paid tickets since the Lite plan is available only for India organizers and supports only INR tickets.

  • Switch to the Lite Plan: After creating your event, switch to the Lite Plan by selecting it under the 'Plan' section.

  • Review Payment Methods: Go to Payments & Taxes, and under Payment Methods, you will see that only UPI is enabled for your event according to your plan.

That’s it—you are ready to proceed with your event ticket in the Lite plan. Didn’t we say it's super easy?

Get Started with the Lite Plan Today!

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Sign up today and experience the ease of managing your events with a platform that prioritises simplicity, affordability, and efficiency.