A word from our Founders

A word from our Founders


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The Journey

The Co-Founders, Ganesh Samarthyam and Hari Kiran G., started KonfHub in 2019 when their interest in sharing knowledge, building communities, exploring, and building new technologies brought them together.

KonfHub is the one-stop solution for creating and conducting technical conferences where you can create, amplify and gamify your event. What started out as conducting offline events soon adapted to the online sphere as well.

Hybrid events are the new style

With the advent of the lockdown following the pandemic in 2020, the way we work changed overnight. And KonfHub changed with it. KonfHub ensures the end-to-end execution of organising a technical conference seamlessly.

While the others were grappling with the change, KonfHub further built upon its core competency of creating, planning, and executing technical events and conferences. What sets them apart is the use of cutting-edge cloud technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Keeping in mind the COVID restrictions, the events space has further evolved from online to hybrid structure as per the regulations of different cities.

KonfHub makes it easy for the organisers to create multiple tickets for their events, whether offline or online. KonfHub taps into their 100,000+ developer community to reach out to more audiences and speakers who are experts in their field. The events are amplified further through the wide social media network.

The Founders

As Ganesh explains –the need for upskilling, switching to better roles, and exploring and adapting to newer technologies has been the precursor for the rapid growth of technical/developer communities. KonfHub addresses the challenges of learning new technologies, career growth, and expanding one’s professional network through attending and organising online events.

“We are witnessing huge demand and traction for virtual technical events and conferences as they are great platforms to learn from experts. With online conferences, connecting with people remotely has become more efficient and easier,” says Hari, as they look at the rapid growth in the coming years even as the world rides the waves of COVID.

Write an email to reachus@konfhub.com to organize your technical event.