Automated Referral Contests: A Sure-shot Way to Get Genuine Participation!

Automated Referral Contests: A Sure-shot Way to Get Genuine Participation!


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How do I Get Registrations for my Event?

Have you often faced the challenge of how to scale up your event? How to increase participants and invite new registrations for a successful event?

Existing customers have a great potential to become brand advocates. Do you agree?

As an event organizer, getting registrations for large-scale events can be challenging. Having executed many large-scale events, KonfHub understands this and has successfully helped organizers overcome these hurdles, including Fortune 500 companies across different countries. We have a multi-faceted approach to help you get a steady stream of registrations for the event. Engaging the registrants and ensuring their participation in the event is a challenging but doable task.

One of the most effective strategies for overcoming this challenge of increasing customer registrations is running an automated referral contest.

What is an Event Referral?

Referral programs are one of the best ways to reach more people, generate new leads and increase event participation. The simple idea of winning prizes by referring peers and colleagues is an exciting proposition. The referral programs stir up excitement and a healthy competitive environment through the dynamic leaderboard that tracks the referrals.

The word-of-mouth marketing strategy encourages existing event participants to become brand advocates. Referrals are one of the most effective ways of generating new registrations at a low cost.

In addition to this, the simple idea of winning prizes by referring peers and colleagues is an exciting proposition. For an organizer or a community hosting an event, it generates brand & event awareness, positive user experience, and creates excitement through gamification.

The referral programs stir up excitement and a healthy competitive environment through the dynamic leaderboard that tracks the referrals. However, executing a successful referral program requires some amount of investment and can usually become cumbersome to keep track of all referrals.

To make the experience of conducting a referral contest for an event a breeze, KonfHub has an in-built mechanism to create and run a referral contest on the platform automatically. Some of the distinctive features of the referral contest on KonfHub:

  • Automated referral contest creation and execution

  • Unique referral link for every registered participant

  • Dynamic public leaderboard for you to track the progress of each referee

  • Admin leaderboard to access all referrals & check their validity in simple steps

  • Customized email templates with unique referral URLs that offer more registrations

KonfHub Easy Event Referral Contest

Cost Benefit of Running Referral Contests on KonfHub

Conventional ways of generating registrations, such as engaging an agency, is an expensive proposition. On the other hand, costs associated with executing an automated referral contest on KonfHub can be extremely low while getting large number of relevant registrations.

Let’s take an example to understand the cost-effectiveness of using the referral program through KonfHub.

For instance, you are the Marketing Director of a start-up and need to get a minimum of 2000 relevant registrations for making your event successful. Yet, with just a week to go, you only have 500 registrations!

You engaged an agency to get more participants for the event, but they only managed 300 new participants. That, too, at a whooping cost of USD 4 per registration!

You move to KonfHub and set up the event. Within a week you were able to get 4,800 registrations through an automated referral contest at a fraction of the cost.

Registrations: 4800

KonfHub Referral Contest Cost: $250

Agency cost: $16,800 @ $4 per registration

As you can see, conducting an automated referral contest on KonfHub is not only convenient but also cost-effective!

Event Referral Contest on KonfHub

Setting up a referral contest on KonfHub is very simple. First, let us go through the unique features and step-by-step process on the KonfHub dashboard.

Step 1

Log in to your KonfHub account and access the dashboard. The dashboard gives an operational bird’s eye view of the event.

KonfHub account dashboard

Step 2

To set up the referral contest, click on Gamification in the menu and select Referral Contest to start the set-up.

 KonfHub gamification dashboard

Step 3

The referral program set-up allows you to customize the contest as per your requirements. You can update prize details, rules and regulations of the contest. The referral contest has a unique URL which is shared with all the participants via email. Once you click on Launch Contest, you are directed to the contest details page.

Launch event referral contest easily with KonfHub

Step 4

Fill in the essential details for the contest on the contest page, like contest start and end date, prize information, rules & regulations. The dynamic contest leaderboard updates information on all participants and their active referrals once the contest is live.

Launch event referral contest and have a referral url mentioned easily with KonfHub

Event referral contest prizing dashboard

Step 5

Once the contest is live, an automated email is sent to the participants with a unique referral code that can be shared with the referrals. Each lead is verified before approving it as a valid referral according to the rules.

As an organizer, you can add an additional call to action in the email to redirect the participants to the desired page.

Check the status of the event referral contest

KonfHub Referral contest approved

Step 6

Now the referral contest is active. You can access the referral leaderboard and start tracking the active participants and their referrals.

 Konfhub Leaderboard

The Most Cost-effective Way of Increasing Registrations

Setting up your event for success on KonfHub is very convenient with a referral contest. For your next event, you can log in to KonfHub and create the event and the referral contest.

The dynamic leaderboard updates all referral contest participants to check their position in the contest. For the organizers, the dashboard also gives all details of referrals so they can check the validity of the referrals as per the rules and regulations.

Log on to or drop a mail at to create your first event.