How to use event gamification to make your event exciting

How to use event gamification to make your event exciting


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Online, virtual and hybrid events have replaced in-person events over the past couple of years as a result of the pandemic. The way people interact and respond to events has transformed completely. Organizations have engaged with their customers, clients, employees and other stakeholders through virtual events.

One of the key benefits of virtual events is event gamification where we can engage audiences like never before. The excitement and responsiveness of a physical event is hard to replicate, but event gamification adds the must-needed engagement and excitement to virtual and hybrid events.

What is event gamification?

Gamification is essentially the use of game mechanics and implementing them in other non-gaming environments like work, education, and events among others. Event gamification allows the event attendees to become active and engaging participants.

When you add event gamification to your event like a conference or a challenge or a learning module — the attendees can take up different challenges, earn points for completing a challenge and track their performance on a leaderboard and win prizes. This fosters healthy and exciting competitiveness among the participants.

Benefits of event gamification

To achieve success in event gamification, it needs to align with the overall business goal or strategy. For instance, in a learning environment, it becomes imperative to ensure high engagement and appropriate consumption of learning resources.

This can be achieved through quizzes where the event attendees can participate in live quizzes, track their performance against the other participants and win rewards for outperforming their peers in the quiz.

The same concept can be applied in a scenario where the business goal is product adoption or brand awareness. This goal can be achieved by gamifying the event by quizzing the event attendees on the product or the brand.

Now let us take a look at some of the benefits of event gamification:

  1. Delivers an immersive experience

Event gamification allows the attendees to undergo an interactive experience with their peers. The attendees are able to interact with other participants through moderated chats which incentives participation.

2. Increases attendee engagement

Exciting contests, challenges, and activities with giveaways are attractive propositions for the attendees. A healthy competitive environment fosters a sharp learning curve.

3. Increased event attendees

Event gamification can be applied to the amplification of events as well. This can be achieved through referral contests where attendees can track their valid referrals. This can result in a dramatic increase in the overall attendee numbers especially when an attractive prize is provided for top referrers.

4. Builds brand & product awareness

As per the business goal or objective, event gamification boosts brand and product awareness. To complete the challenges or tasks, the participants will have to update their knowledge and skills about the product.

Start gamifying your events today

Event gamification helps improve attendee behaviors, increases engagement levels and ensures achievement of the strategy. Event attendees become more active in their participation, thus resulting in achieving one of the KPIs of a successful event.

There are many platforms that help achieve gamifying events. KonfHub is one such all-inclusive platform where you can create, host, gamify and amplify your event. A completely free platform with no hidden charges, KonfHub has hosted some of the biggest conferences in India like the AWS Community Day South Asia.

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