Easy way to gamify your conference!

Easy way to gamify your conference!


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The essence of gamification in learning

Gartner has redefined gamification as “the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.” At KonfHub, gamification is one of the cornerstones of its event platform.

Gamification plays an important role in keeping the audience engaged in technical events. It makes mundane tasks like learning and participation more fun.

It focuses on the audience to reach its goals — it could be learning new skills or increasing participation in events!

Gamification at KonfHub

Participation is just one crucial aspect of a successful event. What drives the success of any event is more engagement from the audience.

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Most organizers face a challenge to ensure increased participation and engagement. By itself, it’s a daunting task. Nevertheless, KonfHub presents a simple solution.

Each event created at KonfHub has an option to gamify their experience through its referral contest. Let’s read more on that.

Referral contest for your event

Amplifying the event and increasing engagement is handled efficiently through the referral contest. A dedicated leaderboard is used to track validated referrals made by participants. This gives visibility for top performers to all event participants.

This model increases engagement, and users strive to reach the top! All in all, the contest brings more active participants while amplifying the event’s reach.

Gratification can be in the form of cash vouchers, gifts, or certifications — a prize that fulfills the event’s goal.

What are you waiting for?

You can create a technical event on KonfHub in three simple steps in just under 30 seconds!

KonfHub gives you access to your dashboard to manage all the attendees, analytical reports, and the added advantage to reach out to all participants through SMS, WhatsApp, and email campaigns.

You can manage the referral contest right from your dashboard. The custom-made dashboard gives you access to view & accept or reject referees and referrals.

Log on to www.konfhub.com to create your first event for zero charges. Or you can drop a mail at to help you create an event.