(Auto)Magically Generate Questions with ChatGPT


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(Auto)Magically Generate Questions with ChatGPT

Introduction to AI-Generated Quiz using ChatGPT

We are excited to introduce the highly anticipated integration of ChatGPT in QuizHub! With just a click of a button, you can now effortlessly generate questions on any topic of your choosing. It's like having a 'magic solution' for instant question generation! And that’s precisely what we have done - implemented a “magic button”!

The Power of AI-Generated Quizzes with ChatGPT

As an event organizer, your schedule is packed with various tasks, and engaging the audience through live quizzing is crucial. However, one of the challenges you face is creating and reviewing quiz questions.

The manual creation of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) can be time-consuming, especially when you're working under time constraints while organizing an event. To streamline this process, ChatGPT comes to the rescue by automating question generation. It swiftly produces multiple-choice options that can be reviewed and edited as per your requirements.

Introducing ChatGPT Integration on QuizHub

To make things even more convenient, we have integrated ChatGPT into a user-friendly interface. With just a simple click of a button, a question is generated for you based on the topic of your choice. You have the flexibility to review the generated question or generate another one effortlessly. Your life as an event organizer just got a whole lot easier!

In this post, let’s see how.

Step-by-Step Guide: Generating Questions at QuizHub?

Once you signup on to quiz.konfhub.com, click “Host Quiz” enter the minimal details required, and create a quiz.

Step #1: Go to the “Questions” tab and click the “Generate Question” button.

Steps to generate question using ChatGPT on QuizHub

Step #2: Enter the topic for which you want the content and select the check box to provide consent.

Steps to generate questions using chatgpt on QuizHub

Step #3: Voila! ChatGPT generates a question for you - review and make changes to submit it and move on to the next question. Or click the "Regenerate" button to get another question.

Steps to generate questions using chatgpt on QuizHub

That’s it - it’s so easy to create questions on any topic now.

QuizHub's Pioneering Role

(1) In the free plan, question generation is restricted to 20 questions per day per user.

(2) Additionally, it's important to note that Generative AI does have its limitations. The questions, answers, and explanations generated may not be completely accurate. We highly recommend reviewing and verifying their correctness before utilizing them.


To the best of our knowledge, QuizHub is the pioneering platform to integrate Generative AI for question generation. What's more, this feature is available to you under the free plan. So, go ahead and give it a try! Take it for a spin and see the possibilities unfold.