4 Big Ideas for Developer Engagement

4 Big Ideas for Developer Engagement


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Big Ideas for Developer Engagement

Are you a software product company facing challenges such as:

  • How do I create and engage my developer community?
  • How do I enhance product adoption?
  • How do I enhance my brand visibility?
  • How do I attract kickass developers?

You are not alone, and we are here to help. There are many ways to engage developers and we cover 4 specific ways which we provide as end-to-end offerings.

Expert ideas on community-led growth

• Developer-focused Conferences (In-person in India & virtual)

You name a large product-based software company, and we can confidently bet that they host recurring large conference(s). These conferences offer a place for techies to meet, network and learn from experts, and each other too. They provide opportunities to create buzz, showcase your latest product offerings, and expand your reach.

From KonfHub, we organize in-person (in India) as well as virtual conferences. Yes, we know organizing a conference is hard — and that’s why we take care of organizing it for you. We handle event registrations, audience drives, event management, hosting on the event day, coordination with speakers, pre and post mailers to participants, and more! We handle your event end-to-end!

• Regular Meetups (In-person in India & virtual)

Meetups are the go-to approach for sustained developer engagement. They connect four vital cogs together:

  • Speakers/experts
  • Participants
  • Host
  • Oganizer (you)

We recommend you to host the event in other organisations since it’s a great way to establish or deepen your relationship with a company. Make sure the topics are generic and keep it free of sales/marketing pitch. You’ll be surprised by the impact it makes in the medium-to-long term.

From KonfHub, we can organize your meetups process cycle such as theming the meetup, getting speakers, getting a venue/host, creating posters, amplification of the meetup in social media, coordinating on the event day, post-event mailers — you name it we do it!

• Quizzing tournaments (Virtual & in-person)

Quizzing is a fun and effective way to engage the audience. LIVE quizzes are especially more effective as there is a LIVE leaderboard. This creates buzz and excitement on who’s winning and who will get the TOP slot! a. If you make the quiz on a specific theme / topic, it can attract a lot of participants, and you can introduce product-specific questions to enhance adoption.

At KonfHub, we have a dedicated platform only for LIVE quizzing called QuizHub (quiz.konfhub.com). There are quizzing tournaments that we organize (a tournament consists of multiple quizzes) on a weekly basis. It is amazing to see more than a 70% turn up week-on-week and participate — indicating sustained engagement. If we already didn’t say it — yes, we can organize it end-to-end for you!

• Blogathons (Virtual)

Your team itself promoting your products can be limiting in two ways: (1) you cannot scale the same (2) it is less credible than others talking (positively) about your product. Blogathons encourage serious developers to talk about your product, and prizes incentives bloggers when you run it as a contest. There are various other side benefits as well. For example, it helps you identify potential candidates for hiring!

We at KonfHub organize blogathons for our clients. We recommend organizing the blogathon on a general theme (e.gNatural Language Processing or AI) instead of product specific one since it encourages wider community participation.

Broader Idea: Community-Led Growth (CLG)

In this blog, we have covered four different ways of developer engagement. Organizing events, quizzing tournaments, blogathons — all these come under the broader idea of Community-Led Growth. Our intent is to fuel your growth not just by traditional sales-led or current product-led approaches, but through creating and engaging a developer community on a sustained basis.

Do reach out to us at KonfHub () if you are looking for engaging someone who has the developer mindset and is battle-hardened.