Why are participation certificates important for events?

Why are participation certificates important for events?


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What makes an event memorable? There are many factors, but goodies are key to making an event memorable. Good old t-shirts and conference kits handed out, especially during the in-person events, are examples of giveaways that make participants think about the event long after the event is over.

Pre-covid, there were many physical touchpoints with attendees and participants in in-person events. With these, it was easier for organizers to create a memorable experience for the attendees.

Fast forward to today, where the world has shifted from in-person to virtual and hybrid events. What makes a VIRTUAL event memorable?

It is harder to create a memorable experience for virtual events than in-person events. For virtual events, giving t-shirts or goodies to all the participants can become a huge logistical challenge. Moreover, the cost can be a big challenge for giving goodies, especially for free events. In the absence of any physical touchpoints, it becomes imperative for virtual events to include rewards and/or tangible giveaways. This small but important activity creates a lasting brand value and brand recall.

Participation certificates

To seal the deal and make the event unforgettable, it is prudent to hand out giveaways and memorabilia. You can provide participation certificates along with other giveaways.

You can create any number of participation certificates for your event from your organizer dashboard on KonfHub. You can customize the certificates — add your event logo, change colours, add captivating text — all of this can be done through the dashboard itself.

While there are many platforms that issue participation certificates, it comes with their own set of challenges. You need to download the participant data from the event platform and then upload it to a third-party website that issues the certificates. This is a huge drain on time, efficiency, and resources. Another concern is that almost all the platforms charge a fee for issuing certificates!

On KonfHub, you can issue participation certificates to participants from the event admin dashboard itself. This exclusive feature can be utilized for absolutely zero cost. Just let the tech take over and generate e-certificates for your attendees and participants in a flash.

Efficient, convenient and FREE

When you create an event on KonfHub, all the participant details are stored securely on the platform itself, accessible from the event dashboard. You can issue participation certificates to all attendees, for absolutely no cost at all. The process is fully automated, with options to customize the certificates — what more as an organizer you can ask for?

Another important post-event activity is collecting feedback from the participants. The success of any event depends on folding in feedback constructively from previous events. From the KonfHub dashboard, you can set up feedback forms, collect feedback from participants and issue participation certificates to those who give feedback.

Doing away with the harrowing experience of creating multiple forms online, it really is as easy as 1–2–3 to complete the attendee journey for your event.

To create an event, you can log on to www.konfhub.com. For any support relating to the platform, you can drop us an email at reachus@konfhub.com.