Unlocking KonfHub's Developer Section for Event Management

Unlocking KonfHub's Developer Section for Event Management


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“How do I integrate event registrations in my event website instead of redirecting the users to register on the KonfHub page?” is a key question and concern from many event organizers. KonfHub understands this pressing need of organizers and offers three distinctive features: Registration API, Registration Button, and Registration Widget.

In this blog post, we'll explore the unique offerings, and use cases, and help you determine which option suits your specific needs.

How to Access the Developer Section?

Step 1: Go to KonfHub homepage and login to your account
Step 2: Go to the event dashboard
Step 3: In the left-hand side panel scroll down and click the ‘Developers’ section

Comparative Overview: Developer Section Options

​​Why does KonfHub provide these three options? As an organizer, what are the factors you should consider for choosing one of them? Let’s discuss these three features to answer your questions.

Option 1: Registration API

The Registration API is a robust tool for developers seeking a customizable and programmatic approach to event registration. This feature provides a set of endpoints that allow you to integrate KonfHub's registration system directly into your own applications or platforms.

Note: Registration API is meant only for free events - you cannot use it for paid events. (For paid events, a complete API approach is not possible since there is a UI element involved from the Payment Gateways).

Use Cases

  • Organizations with a custom-built website can leverage the Registration API to seamlessly integrate event registration processes.

  • Developers looking to tailor the registration flow according to specific organizational requirements and user experiences.

Who Should Choose This Option?

  • Tech-savvy organizations with in-house development teams seeking full control over the registration process.

  • Events with unique registration requirements that necessitate a customized approach.

  • Scenario: A software company hosts an annual developer conference with complex registration requirements. Leveraging the Registration API, they integrate event registration seamlessly into their custom-built website, allowing attendees to register with ease from their website.

Option 2: Registration Button

You can integrate a “Registration Button” to your website where the entire registration process happens at the click of a button from your event website itself (no need to redirect to the KonfHub page). This is a user-friendly feature designed for quick integration making your life easier. With just a few clicks and a simple copy-paste of button code, you can now embed a registration button on your websites or promotional pages.

Use Cases

  • Events looking for a hassle-free and straightforward registration process without extensive technical involvement.

  • Organizers who are hosting multiple events simultaneously and require a consistent registration method.

Who Should Choose this Option

  • Non-technical event managers or organizers seeking an easy-to-implement solution.

  • Events with a high volume of attendees where simplicity and efficiency are paramount.

  • Scenario: A local community organization hosts monthly workshops on various topics. Utilizing the Registration Button, they embed a simple registration button on their website making it effortless for attendees to sign up for each workshop.

Option 3: Registration Widget

If you want to embed ticket purchases into your event website, then just go for the Registration Widget. The widget provides a seamless experience for attendees. This feature ensures a unified and branded look for your event, enhancing the overall event experience.

Use Cases

  • Events aiming for a cohesive branding strategy by integrating ticketing seamlessly into their existing digital presence.

  • Organizations focused on providing a visually appealing and professional ticketing experience.

Who Should Choose this Option

  • Events with a strong emphasis on branding and a desire for a visually integrated ticketing solution.

  • Marketing teams looking to embed ticket purchase options directly within promotional websites.

  • Scenario: A global tech conference aims to provide a premium and branded experience to its attendees. With Embedded Tickets, they embed visually appealing and branded tickets directly into their event emails and website, enhancing the overall attendee experience and reinforcing their brand image.


Choosing the right developer feature on KonfHub's dashboard depends on your organization's specific needs and preferences. Whether you opt for the flexibility of the Registration API, the simplicity of the Registration Button, or the visual integration of the Registration Widget, KonfHub has you covered for a seamless and tailored event management experience. Host an event now!