Unlock the Badge Printing Process with KonfHub's Check-in App

Unlock the Badge Printing Process with KonfHub's Check-in App


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Events bring people together for knowledge sharing, networking, and unforgettable experiences. Ensuring a smooth registration and check-in process is paramount for any successful event. KonfHub's Check-in app has been a game-changer in this regard, and its latest feature - “Badge Printing”, takes event management to a whole new level. In this blog, we'll dive into what Badge Printing is, why it's crucial, and how to use it effectively for your event.

What is Badge Printing?

Badge Printing is the process of creating and customizing attendee badges that can be worn around the neck, with the help of lanyards. These badges not only provide easy identification but also enhance the professional look and feel of any event.

Why is it Needed?

  • Efficiency: Badge Printing streamlines the check-in process, reducing waiting times for attendees.

  • Branding: Customized badges reinforce your event's brand identity.

  • Networking: Attendees can easily identify and connect with each other.

  • Security: Quickly identify authorized personnel and guests.

Steps to Use Badge Printing Feature

Step 1: Access Your Event 📂

On the KonfHub dashboard, navigate to the app section.

Copy the Check-In app URL or visit https://checkin.konfhub.com directly.

Enter an access code to access your event especially if it is a team event.

Step 2: Enable Printing 🖨️

  • Navigate to event settings for the event from the Home page.

  • Enable the 'Print Card' option.

  • Customize your card's design to your liking.

Step 3: Personalize Your Card ✏️

  • Click 'customize' to tweak the card's design.

  • Add attendee information like attendee name, QR code, colors, and card size.

  • Save your card design.

Step 4: Navigate back to the homepage 📌

Return to the home page and select the event for attendee check-in.

Step 5: Scan & Check-in 📷 ✅

  • Click on the event card and navigate to the Check-in screen. Scan the QR code or search manually by providing unique attendee details.

  • Once scanned, verify the attendee's details and mark them as checked in.

Step 7: Generate a Personalized Badge 🔖

After you successfully check-in an attendee, you should be able to find an option “Print Card” which will print the card using the printer connected to the app

👍 That's it! Your printed badge is now ready, showcasing the event's branding. It's not only a valuable keepsake but also a memorable part of the event experience.


KonfHub's Badge Printing feature within the CheckIn App simplifies the registration and check-in process while enhancing the overall event experience. Customized badges not only improve event organization but also serve as a lasting reminder of your event's success. By incorporating this feature, you ensure a seamless, professional, and memorable event for all attendees. So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your event management with KonfHub's Badge Printing feature today! Try Now