Introducing Team-Based Registration: KonfHub's Newest Feature

Introducing Team-Based Registration: KonfHub's Newest Feature


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KonfHub, the go-to platform for discovering and registering for conferences, workshops, hackathons, and more, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest feature: Team-Based Registration (TBR). In response to the evolving needs of our diverse community, we've introduced TBR to facilitate group participation seamlessly. Let's delve into what this exciting new feature entails and how it enhances the KonfHub experience for both organizers and attendees.

Traditionally, event registration has primarily catered to individuals or single-person bookings for friends or family. However, with the advent of team-oriented events such as hackathons, debates, competitions, and corporate conferences, the demand for team-based registration has surged. KonfHub recognizes the importance of accommodating such group dynamics and eliminating the hassle of individual registrations, hence the introduction of TBR.

Use Cases of Team Based Registration

Imagine a hackathon where teams collaborate to build innovative solutions, or a debate competition where groups showcase their collective intellect. In such scenarios, registering as a team streamlines the process and ensures that all members are accounted for. Additionally, TBR promotes inclusivity by enabling families, friends, and colleagues to participate together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

One of the key benefits of TBR is its versatility across various event types. Whether it's a corporate gathering with employees from different companies, a festival featuring multiple competitions, or a sports event requiring team entries, KonfHub's TBR caters to a wide range of event formats.

So, how does it work? The process is simple and seamlessly integrated into KonfHub's existing ticket creation system. Organizers have the flexibility to designate which tickets are eligible for TBR, ensuring that the feature aligns with the specific requirements of each event. Attendees can easily join existing teams or create new ones during the registration process, streamlining the coordination and communication among team members.

However, it's essential to note some limitations of TBR. Since team-based tickets operate differently from individual registrations, certain features like waitlisting or ticket approval may not be applicable to TBR tickets. Nevertheless, these limitations are outweighed by the numerous benefits and convenience that TBR brings to group-oriented events.

Steps to activate Team Based Registrations for your tickets

Step 1: Once an event is created access the dashboard

Step 2: Access Tickets & Forms option from the Event info section. Click on the settings button on the top right corner.

Step 3: Select the ticket that you would like to activate TBR for and also choose minimum and maximum attendees per team. Save the same to activate TBR option.

Step 4: Once this option is activated, you will see three options. On the registration page or event page you can either create a team, Join a team or you can purchase a ticket as an individual without opting for TBR.

Scenario1: Creating a Team

Hiten, a team lead at Xenosoft Corporation's Kolkata office, decides to participate in the company's hackathon. He wants to organize his team, so he utilizes the team-based registration feature on KonfHub. Here's how it works:

  • Hiten logs into KonfHub and navigates to the hackathon event page.

  • He selects the "Create Team" option and provides the necessary details such as team name ("Team Wizards"), team description, and any specific requirements or preferences.

  • After filling out the details, Hiten clicks on the checkout button to finalize the creation of the team.

  • Once completed, a new team named "Team Wizards" is successfully created, and Hiten becomes the team lead.

  • Hiten can now proceed to register himself and any other team members.

Scenario 2, Joining a Team

Shivani, a colleague of Hiten from Hitesh's office, is eager to participate in the hackathon and wants to join Hiten's team. Here's how she does it:

  • Shivani logs into her KonfHub account and navigates to the hackathon event page.

  • She selects the "Join Team" option and browses through the list of available teams.

  • Shivani finds the "Team Wizards" created by Hiten and selects it.

  • After confirming her decision, Shivani registers herself as a member of "Team Wizards."

  • KonfHub automatically associates Shivani with Hiten's team, allowing them to collaborate and participate together in the hackathon.

On completing the registration, Shivani will get her tickets via email and Hiten will be notified that Shivani has joined their team via email.

In conclusion, Team-Based Registration marks a significant milestone in KonfHub's commitment to enhancing the event registration experience. By catering to the growing demand for group participation and streamlining the registration process for teams, we're empowering organizers to create more engaging and inclusive events. Whether you're organizing a hackathon, a corporate conference, or a friendly competition, KonfHub's TBR ensures that no team, big or small, is left behind.

Join us as we revolutionize event registration and foster collaboration through Team-Based Registration on KonfHub. Experience the power of teamwork like never before, and elevate your event participation to new heights. Try this feature now!