Revolutionizing Event Check-Ins

Revolutionizing Event Check-Ins

Elevate Your Event Experience with our Check-In App


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In today's fast-paced world, event organizers face the daunting challenge of managing large crowds during the event start. To deliver a memorable experience for attendees, it is important to ensure seamless check-ins. Traditional methods of manual ticket verification can be time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to frustrated participants and a lacklustre event experience.

Recent data shows a shift towards digital check-in solutions. 75% of event organizers use check-in apps for a seamless attendee experience, with 92% reporting reduced waiting times and improved event efficiency.

With the rise of technology, organizers have gained access to powerful tools that enable attendees to check-in seamlessly at the event venue.

With our check-in app, participants can effortlessly enter the event space by simply scanning their tickets or even their faces using facial recognition technology!

According to event organizers who have adopted PWA-powered check-in systems, the overall check-in process has become up to 40% faster, resulting in shorter queues and improved attendee satisfaction.

The traditional approach of manually checking in attendees poses several challenges:

  1. Time-consuming: Manual check-ins are slow for large events, leading to long queues and a poor attendee experience.

  2. Prone to errors: Human mistakes can occur in ticket verification and data entry, compromising event security.

  3. Inefficient data collection: Traditional methods lack effective capture and updation of attendee information.

  4. Limited scalability: Traditional processes struggle to scale with growing event size and complexity.

  5. Lack of real-time visibility: Organizers have limited real-time insight into check-in status and attendance numbers.

  6. Security risks: Manual check-ins are susceptible to ticket fraud and unauthorized access.

But what if there was a solution that could transform event check-ins into a streamlined and efficient process? KonfHub Check-in App is the game-changer in the event management landscape.

What is KonfHub check-in app and how does it help organizers?

KonfHub's check-in app gives the superpower to their event organizers to let their attendees check-in skipping the long queues at event venues. The app has seamless integration with the KonfHub admin dashboard which let their event organizers extract and manage data easily.

How to use KonfHub check-in app for your event?

KonfHub's check-in app is a very simple and easy-to-use PWA (Progressive Web App). To use the check-in app for your event, you need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Once your event is created, click on Apps from side navigation bar and then Check-in App. On the right-hand side of your screen, you will find the URL to visit the check-in app (no need to download any app and can add it to your home screen optionally for easy access). The URL is: Share the access code to the registration desk staff to access the event for checkin.

  2. At the registration desk, after logging-in to the platform, enter the Access Code to discover your event on the platform.

  3. Once you find your event, click on the event card and then navigate to Check-in to scan (either the QR Code or attendee's face if face recognition based checkin is enabled for your event) and let your attendees check-in.

  4. You can additionally add notes/comments for your checked-in attendees.

  5. After you have successfully checked-in your attendees, you can access attendee details from Attendees screen and download.

  6. You can even see details for checked-in attendees from KonfHub admin dashboard and follow up with them after the event is over.

What is check-in with face detection?

Check-in using face detection is a technology-driven method that utilizes facial recognition algorithms to verify the identity of attendees at event venues. As an organizer, you need to enable face recognition-based check-in for your event.

During the registration, the purchaser can upload their headshot or scan their face after providing their consent.

During the event registration, the participant's face needs to be just scanned for authentication. This eliminates manual ticket scanning, ensuring a faster and more seamless check-in experience. It enhances security by reducing fraud risk and enables real-time attendance tracking.

At KonfHub, we continually enhance our features and introduce new ones to simplify event organization and facilitate scalability.

Ready to plan your event? Explore KonfHub today and discover how to create engaging and effective events effortlessly.