Quiz Code: Join Quizzes at Lightning Speed!

Quiz Code: Join Quizzes at Lightning Speed!


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QuizHub brings you live quizzes to gamify & simplify tech learning. You can participate in a quiz, a tournament or even make your own!

As a part of our initiative to constantly enhance our end-user experience, we keep improving our QuizHub platform.

One of the latest features is quiz code — now you can join a quiz from the QuizHub landing page just by entering a quiz code. This means, you can gamify your event and engage with the audience in a fun and quicker way! Let’s explore this exciting new feature in QuizHub.

How to find your quiz code?

It’s relatively simple. Log in to QuizHub and create your quiz or tournament. You will see a “Share” icon — on clicking that you’ll get a screen like this which shows your quiz code.

In your in-person or on-line event, you can just flash this modal for the players to join and play the quiz. Now they can use the QR Code, short URL, or a quiz code. In this example, it is “778109”.

How to join using your quiz code?

As a player, you are given a quiz code. All you need to do is go to https://quiz.konfhub.com and type in the quiz code — say “778109” in the header of the landing page that says “Enter Quiz Code”.

Once you enter the code, you’ll be directed to the quiz page where you can register and play the quiz!

What about those who join late to your quiz? No worries, we have got you covered in this scenario as well! Now the admin dashboard shows the quiz code so the user can join while the quiz is going on, as shown in this screenshot.

As you can see, using quiz code is quite easy and comfortable to use in QuizHub!

New Feature Alert: Team Management

There is another feature introduced this week in QuizHub — team management! When you are organizing a quiz for your event, you may want to add “collaborators” to your quiz — someone from your team who can add questions, someone else who’ll run the quiz, etc.

After creating your quiz/tournament, click on the “Manage Collaborators” icon.

Now you can view your collaborators, add, edit or delete them.

With this feature, you can collaborate with your team effectively to manage your quiz/tournament.

Inviting You to Use QuizHub to Gamify Your Events

As of Feb ’23, QuizHub is practically free of cost for you to use. It is a feature rich platform for running live quizzes. Be it trainings, workshops, meetups or conferences, you can gamify your events and engage your audience more effectively with live quizzing. Give it a try NOW! https://quiz.konfhub.com