KonfHub — For Hosting Engaging & Effective Events!

KonfHub — For Hosting Engaging & Effective Events!

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KonfHub is your go-to platform for engaging your audience. You can host events, run LIVE quizzes, scale to thousands of participants, run tournaments, create customised and branded pages, and automatically issue participation certificates.

We help you make your event a success with our effective event management solutions. Organising events can be tedious and challenging. Our platform provides easy-to-use tools and software to overcome any challenges while hosting events.

Flexible Ticketing

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Organisers can now have the option to create & customise their tickets. We have a wide variety of ticket types to choose from:

  • Regular tickets

  • Waitlist tickets

  • Approval-based tickets

  • Hidden tickets with access code

You can even provide attractive discounts to your participants.

Automated Settlements

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Automated settlements allow you to receive money directly in your bank account. Usually, funds are transferred to bank accounts every 15 days. You can also request on-demand settlements for immediate release of funds to meet your business requirements during regular settlement cycles.

Boost Ticket Sales

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The most effective way to acquire authentic attendees is through referrals or word-of-mouth marketing. Referral contests generate interest among the audience and facilitate the organic growth of ticket sales. With our platform, you can conduct referral contests for various tickets, and our features enable you to personalise the contest by offering rewards, incentivising participation, and boosting ticket sales.

Keep Audience on Their Toes

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It's crucial to maintain the participants' interest and excitement to make your event successful. Lengthy seminars or workshops can become dull, but our platform provides a solution to this problem. By conducting interactive quizzes at regular intervals, you can keep the audience engaged and ensure they learn something new. Offering incentives to winners will keep them motivated and engaged throughout the event.

Communication Solutions

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The key to keeping attendees engaged and interested is effective communication. Our platform offers various communication channels to choose from:

Email: Send personalised emails to your participants with the necessary information.

WhatsApp: Send messages directly to your participants' WhatsApp inbox using predefined templates.

SMS: Send notifications using predefined SMS templates.

Real-time Analytics

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Our platform offers comprehensive insights into ticket sales and marketing activities, enabling organisers to track and analyse their performance in real-time. With features like registration tracking and UTM parameter analysis, organisers can gain valuable information on where their registrations are coming from and how their marketing campaigns are performing.

Ready-made Event Pages

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Creating event pages has never been easier. You can select from a range of available templates available on our platform, eliminating the need for professional design services, saving time and money. Additionally, we provide customisation options for various sections, ensuring that your page reflects your brand identity and has a unique appeal.

Check-in App

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Say goodbye to the inconvenience of long registration queues. With our Check-in App, organisers can quickly and easily check-in attendees by scanning their QR code using a mobile device. The app also enables organisers to print customised cards by connecting to a printer and perform on-spot registrations at the event venue.

Sponsor App

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Our platform offers a convenient way for sponsors to capture leads by scanning attendee QR codes through our Sponsor App. Share a unique URL with your sponsors to easily install the app. They can capture leads during the event and save them for future use.

Feedback Forms & Certificates

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Create a customised certificate for your brand in minutes using free templates. On our platform, organisers can collect genuine feedback from participants and reward them by distributing customised digital certificates for attending their event and submitting feedback.

You can use KonfHub for your events, conferences, workshops, training, team engagement, hackathons, and more!

Inviting you to give it a try — head to https://konfhub.com!