Is your event platform giving you all the tools for participant engagement?

Is your event platform giving you all the tools for participant engagement?


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Driven to virtual events as a lasting effect of the pandemic, most marketers consider virtual and hybrid events as the norm going forward. However, conducting virtual events and conferences come with its own set of challenges.

One of the biggest challenges is audience engagement. While it is relatively easier to plan an event, it is equally, if not more, difficult to ensure the audience has an engaging experience at the event.

Why is audience engagement so important?

As far as online events are considered, audience engagement is an important metric to evaluate the success of an event. A more engaged participant is more likely to increase the brand value of the event.

This can be achieved through gamification, polls, live chats — the list is endless. Pre-event engagement is another crucial aspect which is often overlooked. Multiple applications to manage the different aspects of audience engagement makes this task challenging.

Challenges in keeping audience engaged

One of the biggest challenges organizers face is to connect with the participants, both pre and post event. Most platforms do not have the capabilities for this type of engagement. KonfHub integrates all tools to engage with the audience throughout the event process.

KonfHub has been designed with the motive to bring all the features that an organizer would need to run their events smoothly without integrating other tools.

Often organizers store registrations in one place and communicate with their participants using other tools. Sending emails, SMS and WhatsApp notifications is usually executed through other apps. This results in creation of stand-alone data and creation of information silos.

The solution for audience engagement

KonfHub allows the organizers to manage registrations and communicate with the participants directly through the platform. Let’s take a look at the benefits of KonfHub platform:

  1. Manage registrations

The platform allows organizers to automatically manage registration details. Deletion of invalid registrations, editing the attendee details, transfer tickets, refund payments, et al. can be performed on one single platform — KonfHub.

2. Scheduling email campaigns

Organizers can schedule email campaigns from the event organizer dashboard itself. The pre-approved templates help create attractive emails that can help grab participant’s attention and increase the chances of attending the event.

3. SMS notifications

The in-built tool can be used to send important notifications regarding the event — both pre & post. Increase registrations and attendance for the event directly from the dashboard itself by sending SMSes.

4. WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is a great tool to drive engagement with the participants. Schedule campaigns for upcoming and ongoing events so the event has maximum participation.

5. Gamify the event

QuizHub is a unique feature of KonfHub through which you can gamify your event and make learning fun for the participants. Thousands of participants can play the quiz simultaneously for no added cost. Through QuizHub, you can choose the quiz to be live or self-paced. Live quizzes can be moderated as well to increase the engagement levels among the participants.

Considered as one of the biggest challenges, it is difficult to keep the audience engaged in a virtual event. However, a well-planned virtual event can overcome this task through the unique advantages of it being a virtual event itself.

Creating an immersive experience for participants like a poll, chat sessions, and gamification of the event are some features that can make the online tech event more engaging. The ability to build a palpable yet exciting environment online is key to keeping the audience engaged.

KonfHub offers these features and more. Log on to to create your first event. Free to reach out to us for further details.