Empowering Event Organizers with KonfHub's White Label Feature: A Personalized Touch to Your Events

Empowering Event Organizers with KonfHub's White Label Feature: A Personalized Touch to Your Events


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White labeling is customizing and branding a platform to align with the organizer's brand identity. We are glad to unveil the brand-new feature in KonfHub - whitelabeling!

If you are an event organizer, white-labeling offers a myriad of advantages.

  • Brand experience: It provides a seamless and consistent brand experience. By utilizing our white-labeled solution, as organizers you can customize most aspect of your event to align with your brand identity.

  • Cohesive and polished look and feel. Throughout the entire attendee journey, positioning your brand helps enhanced brand recognition and loyalty.

  • Personalization. White-labeling allows you to showcase yourself as an industry leader by showcasing personalized & tailored platform, setting you apart from competitors who might use generic, off-the-shelf solutions.

In this blog post, we'll explore how KonfHub provides you with a white-labeled solution and how you can benefit from it.

But first, let us understand what is ‘White Labeling’ & why it is needed?

White labeling is a strategy where a product or service is produced by one company but rebranded by another to make it appear as if they had made it. In the context of event organization, KonfHub’s white labeling feature allows you as organizers to customize the event page, invoices and tickets and other aspects to align with your brand identity. It's like having your own personalized touch on everything – making it align perfectly with your unique brand identity. So, with White Labeling, your event becomes distinctly yours, even though we've got your back behind the scenes.

Why should you consider White Labeling?

  • Brand Consistency: White labeling ensures that every touchpoint of the event, from the event page to tickets and emails, reflects the organizer's i.e. your brand identity consistently.

  • Professionalism: By incorporating your branding elements, you (organizers) can present a more professional image to attendees, sponsors, and partners.

  • Enhanced Recognition: Customized logos, favicons, and email addresses help in brand recognition, fostering a stronger connection with attendees.

  • Marketing Opportunities: The ability to display your (organizer’s) logo on tickets and invoices creates additional marketing opportunities and reinforces brand visibility.

  • Build Trust among your audience: One more key advantage of White Labeling is that it removes any hesitancy on the part of your audience to purchase tickets from an unfamiliar website. By presenting a consistent brand identity throughout the event experience, you build trust and reassure potential attendees, making them more confident about buying tickets from your platform. It's all about creating a seamless, trustworthy journey for your audience! How to Access White Label Feature on KonfHub - A step by step guide

Convinced about the benefits of our amazing white-label feature but want to know how? In this blog, we'll walk you through the seamless process of accessing and leveraging the White Label feature on KonfHub.

Step 1: Navigate to the KonfHub platform and log in to your account.

KonfHub's White Label Feature

Step 2: Once logged in, navigate to the "Advanced" tab to access advanced customization options.

KonfHub's White Label Feature

Step 3: Within the Advanced tab, locate and click on the "White Label" option to initiate the customization process

KonfHub's White Label Feature

Discover the Interactive Freedom of KonfHub's White Label Feature – Everything You Can Customize!

a. Logo & Favicon Customization: Let’s say you are organizing an event called “Cloud Conference 2023”. With White Labeling option you can easily change the event page logo & favicon to reflect your brand identity seamlessly

KonfHub's white labeling feature

b. Tickets and Invoice Customization: Display the organizer's logo prominently on tickets and invoices, contributing to a professional and branded look.

KonfHub's White Label Feature

c. Checkout Page Customization: Tailor the checkout page to match branding guidelines, creating a cohesive and visually appealing registration experience

KonfHub's White Label Feature

d. Sender Email Address Customization: Customize the sender email address to match the organizer's domain, enhancing email communication professionalism.

Please note that we have just released the white-labeling feature - look out for more enhanced features going forward!

In conclusion, KonfHub's White Label feature is a valuable tool for event organizers like you who are seeking to create a unique and branded experience for your attendees. By offering a straightforward process to customize various elements, KonfHub empowers you to elevate your events, leaving a lasting impression on participants and stakeholders alike. Try out this feature and create your event with KonfHub NOW!