Hidden Tickets & Access Codes: Elevating Exclusivity to New Heights

Hidden Tickets & Access Codes: Elevating Exclusivity to New Heights


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In the grand tapestry of event management, where exclusivity reigns supreme, KonfHub introduces Hidden Tickets & Access Codes – the secret keys to unlock an event experience reserved for the chosen few.

As Coupon Codes add a touch of excitement to ticket sales, Access Codes take it a step further by allowing organizers to create tickets that are accessible only to a select group. This feature adds an aura of exclusivity, making attendees feel like VIPs with exclusive access to special offerings.

Use Cases

Provide exclusive access to speakers & volunteers

In your event, even if it's a paid event, you will want to give free access & tickets to your speakers, volunteers, and organizing team members. By creating a special hidden ticket along with access codes for unlocking it, you can give special coupons & tickets only for the specific speakers and volunteers.

Special discounts for organizations/groups / companies

For your event, there may be scenarios where you want to provide special discounts for specific organizations, groups, communities, or companies without showing these special discounts to everyone. By creating specific hidden tickets unlocked only by the access codes, you can elegantly solve this problem.

Bulk and custom coupons for specific people

Sometimes you want to create single-use coupons for specific people (e.g., a set of VIPs or supporters). You can create automated bulk coupons that are single-use and share them with each one of them. Or you can even create your list of access codes and upload them!

How to Create Exclusive Tickets with Access Codes

Step 1. Navigate to KonfHub Dashboard

Begin your journey into the realm of exclusivity by navigating to the KonfHub dashboard.

Step 2. Go to Your Event

Locate and select the event where you wish to introduce an element of exclusivity through Access Codes.

Step 3. Go to Tickets & Forms

Dive into the Tickets & Forms section to tailor your ticket offerings according to your event's unique needs.

Step 4. Click Edit on Your Ticket

Select the ticket that you want to make exclusive and click 'Edit' to unlock the Access Code feature.

Step 5. Click Access Code and Select Single, Multiple, or Custom Coupon Codes
In the ticket editing interface, explore the Access Code section. Choose from Single, Multiple, or Custom Code options, aligning with your vision for exclusivity.

  • Single Code: Whether it's an invitation-only session or a VIP package, the Single Access Code transforms the ticketing process into a seamless journey, adding a touch of elegance to every attendee's experience. Simply create, distribute the single access code, and open the door to an event that exudes an aura of prestige.

  • Multiple Codes: With the Multiple Codes feature, event organizers gain unparalleled flexibility in managing access to their gatherings. Whether it's a large conference, festival, or multi-day event, this functionality allows for diverse ticketing options. Distribute unique codes to different groups or individuals, enabling targeted access control. Attendees can easily input their assigned code, ensuring a smooth and organized check-in process. This feature caters to the varied needs of your audience, providing a convenient and tailored experience for events of any scale.

  • Custom Codes: Tailor your event experience with the Custom Codes feature, offering a personalized touch to each participant. Ideal for exclusive gatherings or events with special requirements, Custom Codes empower organizers to create unique access keys based on specific criteria. Whether it's special promotions, group discounts, or exclusive perks, event planners can generate custom codes that resonate with their audience. This feature adds a layer of sophistication to the ticketing process, allowing for a bespoke event journey that aligns perfectly with the organizer's vision and the attendees' expectations.

Step 6. Fill in Details and Click Create
Customize the Access Code details to align with the exclusivity you wish to convey. After filling in the necessary information, click 'Create' to bring your exclusive ticket to life.

Step 7. Hide the Ticket for Code Access Only

To maintain the allure of exclusivity, don't forget to hide the ticket. This ensures that it becomes accessible only through the secret code, adding an extra layer of mystique to the attendee experience.

Step 8. Last but not least don’t forget to save your changes!

That’s it, you just created an exclusive ticket visible only to a select few!

In the orchestra of event planning, where every note plays a crucial role, Access Codes harmonize with Coupon Codes to elevate the overall symphony. While Coupon Codes create excitement and engagement, Access Codes add an element of prestige, giving attendees the sense of being part of an elite group. With KonfHub's seamless integration, event organizers can effortlessly orchestrate an event that resonates with exclusivity and leaves a lasting impression on attendees. Unleash the power of Access Codes and watch as your event becomes the talk of the town among those who hold the coveted keys to its exclusive offerings.

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