Go live with your conference ticketing in 30 seconds!

Go live with your conference ticketing in 30 seconds!

Host your first technical conference in 3 simple steps!


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One of the biggest challenges for any conference organiser is audience generation and reaching out to the right target market. This is even more difficult when hosting an event in a niche category of geeks.

KonfHub resolves these issues with its state-of-the-art, simple to use event organisation and management platform. With KonfHub, hosting and amplifying an event is as simple as it could ever get!

Amidst the pandemic, the world shifted to virtual events to engage the audience. We took this opportunity to make KonfHub the go-to platform for all technical events and conferences.

Now let’s talk about the three simple steps to go live with your event in just 30 seconds!

Creating the event

Go to www.konfhub.com portal, click on the Host Event button, and login to the platform (sign up if you haven’t already done so). Fill minimal details to create the event page.

Step 1- Choose your event name — it can be anything!

Step 2 — Select the dates you want your event to be organised.

Step 3 — Generate tickets. It could be paid or free.

Ready, get set, go!

That’s it — your event will be live now!

With as few as three steps, your event page can go live in just 30 seconds! We validate the email and phone numbers to ensure you get only quality data.

We do it for you, so you don’t have to.

Ticket generation

We understand that no size fits all. You can create any number of tickets you want to generate an audience for your event.

With options of discount coupons, access passes, free tickets, the possibilities are endless for the end-user to select!

Event Page

What’s more, you get a customised landing page for your event! You can choose what information you want your audience to consume. Make the event page yours.

Have your own event website? Integrate registration widget to your event page and let the registrations start flowing in!

And there’s more

You can log into the KonfHub dashboard to oversee the list of attendees.

Use push notifications through SMS and WhatsApp panels to connect with your audience from one platform.

Run email campaigns from the KonfHub dashboard to increase the campaign efficiency and drive more registrations.

And wait a minute, we gave you the data analytics you need to understand your channels’ efficacy better!

Create your event for free on KonfHub today. Or contact our support team at to help you create one.