Elevate Your Events with KonfHub's Comprehensive Ticketing Solutions

Elevate Your Events with KonfHub's Comprehensive Ticketing Solutions


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Welcome to the future of event ticketing with KonfHub! Say goodbye to the hassles of managing registrations, attendee tracking, and ticket sales. Our comprehensive ticketing solutions are designed to simplify every aspect of event management, whether it's a virtual conference or an in-person meetup. From easy attendee management to closed-room events with approval-based registrations, KonfHub has got you covered. Let's dive into how our all-in-one ticketing platform can elevate your next event to new heights of success and attendee satisfaction.

All in One Comprehensive Ticketing Solution

You Name The Feature, We Have It!

KonfHub provides an all-in-one ticketing solution for events, simplifying registration, attendee tracking, and management. Our platform offers features like easy attendee management, closed-room events with approval-based registrations, hidden tickets, bulk and custom coupons, group tickets, automated discounts, customizable forms, and bulk ticket uploads. Whether for virtual or in-person events, KonfHub's solution optimizes success and attendee satisfaction.

Simple Yet Powerful Dashboard

Effortless Excellence: Master Your Event with KonfHub's Dashboard.

KonfHub's dashboard boasts a sleek interface that seamlessly blends simplicity with sophistication. With advanced search and filtering options, managing attendees is effortless. From the dashboard, tasks like forwarding tickets and invoices, processing refunds, transfers, or cancellations, and editing or deleting tickets can be easily executed. Additionally, you can swiftly approve waitlisted attendees and track registration attempts, which serve as potential leads for follow-up.

Closed-room Events With Approval Based Registrations

Ensure a curated Attendee experience

KonfHub offers a streamlined approval-based registration system, ensuring a controlled and curated attendee experience. With this feature, organizers can review registration requests before granting access to the event. Attendees submit their registration details, and organizers can approve or reject each request based on predetermined criteria. This process enables organizers to maintain event quality, manage capacity constraints, and ensure that attendees meet specific eligibility requirements.

Hidden Tickets & Access Codes

Unlock the Secret Stash: Hidden Tickets for Exclusive Audiences

Using this feature, organizers can provide access to hidden tickets to specific audiences using codes. These tickets remain invisible to the public on the event page. Access codes act as gatekeepers, ensuring entry only to those with the designated code, ideal for sharing with targeted groups. Organizers have the flexibility to customize access codes for various ticket types, enabling precise control over event access. This feature empowers organizers to curate guest lists, extend special invitations, or limit attendance to specific groups, all while ensuring a smooth registration experience for attendees.

Bulk & Custom Coupons and Access Codes

Boost Engagement: Maximize Event Success With Coupons & Discounts

At KonfHub, creating single, multiple, or custom coupons is effortless, enabling targeted promotions and discounts for event organizers. Bulk coupons streamline the process by generating multiple discount codes at once. Organizers can also tailor custom coupons to various audience segments or promotional strategies. From percentage discounts to special offers, KonfHub's coupon system incentivizes attendance and boosts ticket sales effectively, enhancing marketing flexibility and maximizing event participation and engagement.

Group Tickets & Automated Discounts

One Transaction, Multiple Tickets: Simplified Group Purchases

KonfHub offers group tickets and discounts to streamline event registration for larger attendee groups. Organizers can create group ticket options, allowing attendees to purchase multiple tickets in a single transaction at a discounted rate. This feature simplifies the registration process for teams, companies, or organizations attending together. KonfHub's group ticket and discount feature promotes collaboration and community engagement, making it easier for organizers to cater to various attendee needs and preferences.

Customizable Forms

Data Made Easy at KonfHub: Empower Organizers with Seamless Form Collection

With this feature, organizers can seamlessly collect pertinent information through registration forms. From essential contact details to tailored fields accommodating specific preferences or needs, organizers enjoy extensive customization options. For instance, custom forms offer a range of choices including Text, Date, Email, Number, Phone Number, URL, Dropdown, Consent, Checkbox, LinkedIn URL, and even File Upload!


With KonfHub's comprehensive ticketing solutions, organizing events has never been easier. From our simple yet powerful dashboard to features like closed-room events, hidden tickets, bulk coupons, and customizable forms, we offer everything you need to streamline your event management process. Elevate your events with KonfHub and experience the difference firsthand. Say hello to effortless excellence and unlock the full potential of your events today! Host an event.