Effortlessly Collect Leads with the Sponsor App

Effortlessly Collect Leads with the Sponsor App


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Did you know that according to a study by EventMB, 80% of event organizers consider lead generation to be a crucial part of their event strategy, and 73% of event organizers capture leads through registration forms? Additionally, 65% of event organizers believe that attendee data is the most important value they get from events.

However, organizers are reluctant to share participant data to sponsors (esp. due to data privacy / consent concerns). Capturing visitor information in booths is also not easy without technology. In this article, let’s see how the Sponsor App solves this problem faced by organizers as well as sponsors.

Challenges of Capturing Leads

Capturing leads from booth visitors in conferences and expos can be a challenging task:

  1. With hundreds of people milling around the event, it can be difficult to differentiate those who are genuinely interested in your product or service from those who are simply browsing or seeking free giveaways.

  2. There needs to be a simple and effective way to collect their details and follow-up after the event with email or phone.

  3. There could be many booth staff members - and the leads they capture needs to be synced to the same place.

Given restrictions from GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other privacy regulations, event organizers cannot simply share event participants data to sponsors or booth staff without explicit consent is given by the participants.

Not to worry, KonfHub is here to help! You can now use the Sponsor App that solves these and other pain-points of booth staff and sponsors in capturing leads during your event. With Sponsor app, event sponsors and booth staff can easily capture the participants' details directly from the event participants with their consent.

What is a Sponsor App and How Does it Solve the Problem?

KonfHub’s Sponsor App is a simple PWA (Progressive Web App) that doesn’t require installation to use as an app from your device.

  • As an event organizer in KonfHub, you can enable your sponsors by providing exclusive access to using the Sponsor App in your event.

  • During the event, booth staff from your sponsors can capture visitors' contact details (name, email id, etc) by just scanning the QR codes from their lanyards. Since participants are showing their lanyards, that provides consent for them to share their contact details to the sponsors.

  • When there are multiple booth staff, they use the same sponsor code, so all the leads will be synced-up together.

  • The sponsor can download the lead data at any-point in time during the event or anytime in near future for follow-up.

How Sponsor App Benefits You & Your Sponsors?

As an event organizer in KonfHub, there are numerous benefits of using the Sponsor App:

  • Providing the ability for sponsors to collect participant data directly from event participants can help secure sponsorship deals and increase your revenue.

  • Provide a secure way to allow only the sponsor to use the app and collect leads from event participants.

  • Since participants directly provide their contact information to booth staff / sponsors, you do not need to share participant information to sponsors.

As a sponsor to an event hosted on KonfHub, there are many benefits of using Sponsor App:

  • You can easily collect leads from the booth visitors with their consent.

  • No need to install a Sponsor App but it is easy to access from your home screen as if it is a mobile app (it is a progressive web app).

  • You can add notes when collecting a lead for follow-up.

  • You can download the leads anytime during the event or after the event.

  • When there are multiple booth staff, all the leads captured by any staff member gets synced-up in the same place, so there is a single place to store the leads.

  • If you sponsor multiple events, all the lead data is in the same place (same app)!

Didn’t we say using a Sponsor App has numerous benefits!

As an Organizer, How to Provide Access to Sponsors?

After you create an event on KonfHub, proceed to the event dashboard. You can see a dropdown menu with multiple options on the left side of the screen. One of them is Apps. Under the Apps tab, just click on Sponsor App.

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Next, you have to click on the option to Add Sponsor. In this section, you can provide the name of the sponsor(s).

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After this step is completed you add emails of the sponsors to install the app and use it during the event for capturing leads, data and more. There is also a URL provided on the page that you can share with your sponsors.

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That’s it - now the sponsors can be on their own using the app during the event without bothering you!

As a Sponsor/Booth Staff, How do You Use a Sponsor App?

As a sponsor, once you receive the email from the event organizer, here are the steps to access the sponsor app:

  • Signup to create your KonfHub account if you don't already have one.

  • Sign in to the Sponsor Web App on your mobile home screen by using the URL: https://sponsor.konfhub.com

  • Provide your unique Sponsor Code to discover the event for which you have been added as sponsor. Sponsor Code is a six digit code of the form 654321 that is shared in the email from the organizer.

  • Now that you have completed the above steps, you are good to start scanning attendees QR codes and capture them as leads.

Follow these simple steps to capture leads in the booth from booth staff during the event:

  • Click on Scan Leads on the event card in the app.

  • Now you can scan QR code from the attendee’s lanyard whom you will meet at the conference.

  • After scanning successfully you can additionally provide comments for better understanding of the leads later on or you can simply click on “Save & Continue” to proceed.

  • To see all your leads, you can visit the Leads table by clicking on “View Leads” from the event card on Home Screen.

  • To download leads details, click on “Download Leads” from your event card on Home Screen.

Tip: Want to visually see how to use the Sponsor App? Check out this short 1-minute video that shows you now!

Using our lead capture app to collect visitors' information enable you to quickly and effortlessly capture their contact details and follow up with them after the event.

You can use the Sponsor App for your event for FREE. Try it NOW!

At KonfHub, we constantly update our features and add new ones to make the organizer's job easy and scale to 100x.

Planning to organize an event? Visit us today to learn how to make your events engaging and effective with KonfHub.

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