Create Agenda Section in Event Pages

Create Agenda Section in Event Pages


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As an event organizer, creating an agenda is crucial to ensure a successful event. Without an agenda in place, those who are interested in the event may not clearly understand what’s in store for them on the event day, resulting in poor response for the event.

At KonfHub, we understand the challenges that organizers face in streamlining the entire process. From the KonfHub event page, it is possible for you to create an entire agenda for your event - be it multi-track or multi-day schedules - we got you covered!

How to create an agenda for your event on KonfHub?

Once you log into your event admin dashboard on KonfHub, you can click on the “Events Info '' menu item to find “Agenda” section.

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After you land on the Agenda section, click on the 'Start Tour' tab right on the top of the page which can give you a walkthrough of how to go ahead with the entire process. On the page you get two main options for agenda, which are:

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  • Add Session

  • Add Track

Go to Add Session and from here Create a New Session.

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  • Provide the Title and Description

  • Select event date (if yours is a multi-day event)

  • Choose session timing

  • Select speakers

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You also have the option to add the speakers here to provide the audience with a clear picture of who's talking in the session and get more information from the speaker’s profile.

Add breaks or fun session in between

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While you want your event to be choc-o-block and provide participants with as many activities as possible, it's important to consider breaks as part of your agenda. For both online and offline events strategically select breaks in between the schedule to provide participants, speakers, and even yourself and sponsored some time to breathe.

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Add multiple tracks

For larger conferences and multiple sessions happen simultaneously. The use of tracks is a convenient and efficient method for event organizers to categorize sessions and target specific audiences. This feature is especially useful for events that have simultaneous tracks for different groups of attendees. Within each track, there are multiple sessions available for attendees to participate in without the need to switch between different sessions. This is comparable to attending various sessions that occur in the same conference room during an in-person event.

As an organizer, using the tracks feature for your event page, you can have multiple sessions in the same row. All you need to do is drag the color-coded session into the track column.

Go live when the agenda is finalized

You can save the agenda as a draft and then make it live on the day of the event with a simple toggle switch. You can keep making changes to the draft as required.

Here is a sample agenda section created for the event page.

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In summary, having an agenda is essential when hosting your event. For your event page, you can create a simple agenda or a complex multi-track or multi-day agendas using the flexible agenda feature. Give it a go!