Connect with your audience from one single platform

Connect with your audience from one single platform


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One platform, serves all

Conducting events meant endless data gathering, collation, analysis; and add reaching out to event attendees! But this is all passé!

At KonfHub, making event hosting and management easy is a constant endeavour! Do you know you can create your event in 3 simple steps? You can go live in just under 30 seconds!

The go-to platform for event management

Once you create your event, you can log in to your personal dashboard to oversee all aspects of the event!

From checking the attendee information, validated at the time of registration, to creating custom tickets for your event, and even analyzing data to understand which campaign works best for you — every aspect of event management is available on KonfHub.

Contact your event attendees from the dashboard

Staying ahead of the curve is what gives KonfHub the edge in event management. We know how imperative it is to connect with the attendees.

Engagement is crucial to ensure a good rate of attendance for the event. We have enabled this through the dashboard where you can connect with the attendees via SMS, WhatsApp & e-mails.

Through pre-approved templates, you can send notifications, updates and offers to the entire registered participants or a select group of attendees.

Consistent communication is crucial

We recommend staying engaged with the registered attendees through all media of communication.

Set up e-mail campaigns that engage with the customers at different levels of interventions to pass on the information effectively. You can use pre-set templates or create your own.

Text notifications (both SMS & WhatsApp) have a better open rate than e-mails, although the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns is more.

Engage with your attendees through multiple media to ensure a successful campaign!

Create your event for free on KonfHub today. Or contact our support team at to help you create one.