Unlocking the Quiz Experience: Your Step-by-Step Guide to QuizHub

Unlocking the Quiz Experience: Your Step-by-Step Guide to QuizHub


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Looking for a way to make your next event a little bit more engaging? Then considering quizzing activity could be your ideal choice.

Quizzing events are vibrant gatherings that blend knowledge, competition and fun. From history and science to pop culture and sports, quizzing events encompass a diverse array of topics, ensuring broad appeal.

Whether hosted in educational institutions, social venues, corporate environments, or on virtual platforms, quizzing events promote learning, upskilling, and fun! Creating your very first learning quiz within QuizHub will be a fun experience, and with this easy-to-follow guide, you'll be up and running a quiz in just a matter of minutes.

Let's get started!

How to create a QuizHub in your browser

Step 1

First things first, head over to QuizHub!

Step 2

Create your account, log in to your QuizHub account and head to “Host Quiz”

Step 3

Fill in the basic details like Quiz name, URL, Start & End time, Quiz mode, and who can play (either a guest or a sign-up)

Step 4

On the very bottom, click “Submit” and your quiz is created!

Step 5

Once created, you get to the fun part of customizing or editing your quiz in the “Quiz details” tab.

Step 6

Within the Advanced Details tab, you have the option to further customize settings such as adjusting the number of questions, setting a default question duration, and randomizing questions and options. Additionally, we offer an engaging feature called Quiz Live Stream Link, allowing you to interact with your audience by live streaming your quiz via platforms like StreamYard or other similar options.

Step 7

Next is the Questions tab from where you can manage uploading the questions

Step 8

For adding questions you need to go click Add question to create more questions. you can add questions through the bulk upload feature, where you can download the template and upload the questions at one go! also make sure to add an image or video to make the question more engaging.

Step 9

Want to make things more engaging? How about using AI to create your own questions! Instead of starting from the ground up, simply click the Generate question button, input your topic, and watch your question come to life. What's even better, you can choose to regenerate it or switch up your topic as needed.

Step 10

And with that, you’ve got yourself a fun, interactive quiz! You can additionally play around with some quick actions like adding collaborators, cloning the quiz & even downloading the registrations and leaderboard once the quiz is over.

Step 11

The participants can join the quiz through a short link, a QR code, or using the quiz code from https://quizhub.app/

Step 12

You can even customize the participation certificate with your logo for enhanced brand recall! Once your quiz is completed, participants can also download the certificate, enhancing the overall interactive experience!

With all that done, you have created your very own quiz in just a few minutes. And if you’re not happy with just the one, you can create a bunch of different quizzes and host an entire tournament!

Ready to have fun with quizzes? We've shown you how to create them. It's now your turn to play around with it! Create your first quiz with QuizHub today!