Introducing Streamlined Access to KonfHub's Check-in App

Introducing Streamlined Access to KonfHub's Check-in App

Empower event volunteers, registration staff, or your teams


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At KonfHub, we are constantly striving to enhance your event management experience. We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Team-Based Access to the KonfHub Check-in app. This exciting feature allows event organizers to provide access to volunteers or teams for seamless event check-ins, ensuring smooth operations and heightened efficiency.

Use Cases

With our new feature, you can provide restricted and secure access to whoever is managing the registrations. This inclusivity is crucial for large-scale events where the workload needs to be distributed among a dedicated team, an agency engaged to handle registrations, or a team of volunteers.

Use Case #1: Dedicated Team

In many events, a dedicated team takes care of registrations. In this scenario, only that team should have easy access but at the same time restricted and secure access only to those team members.

Use Case #2: Registration Staff (External Agency)

Many event organizers onboard an external agency or staff dedicated only to handling registrations. Secure and limited access needs to be made available to the registration staff and no PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as email, phone number, and other data should be available to them,

Use Case #3: Volunteers (in Community Events)

In the case of community-driven events, a set of volunteers takes care of the registrations. In this case, as well, secure and limited access should be provided to the team of volunteers - but the app should be easy to access for them.

Security, Privacy, Monitoring, and Traceability - Taken Care!

In all these scenarios (a dedicated team, an external agency/company providing registration staff, or a team consisting of volunteers), a few aspects are important:

  1. Secure access: The access to the check-in process should be secure and limited only to that set of intended members. Transparency and visibility on who is accessing the app (to make sure only intended ones are accessing it) are important. The check-in app takes care of that - the secret access code provides restricted access and the list of people accessing the app is available from the admin dashboard to you as the organizer.

  2. Privacy and data security: Participant's data is paramount important in the check-in process. In the check-in app, the app does not provide other than minimal and select details such as the name of the participant, a ticket for which the participant is registered, etc. Most importantly, sensitive information such as email ID, phone number, etc is made unavailable (or masked if as an organizer you provide access to them).

  3. Monitoring and traceability. The list of people accessing the check-in app and how they are performing (how many scans have been done by a specific person and who are the persons checked in by that person) is available from the admin dashboard. What’s more, when a person is checked in, who checked in that attendee, and at what time is available to you as the organizer of the event?

Icing in the Cake: Easy to Use & No Training Required!

With all these controls in place, you may ask how easy it is to use the app. It's extremely easy - the app is designed so that even non-technical people can use the app for check-ins. Most of the users of our app in registration desks use the check-in app for the first time and it is super simple and easy to use without any training whatsoever!

Simple Setup Process

Granting access to volunteers or teams is now easier than ever with KonfHub's intuitive interface:

Step 1. Navigate to the KonfHub Dashboard: Log in to your KonfHub account and select the event for which you wish to grant access.

Step 2. Access the Check-in App: In the app section of the dashboard, locate the Check-in app.

Step 3. Unique Access Code: A unique access code will be visible for the selected event. Simply copy this code.

Step 4. Share with Volunteers or Teams: Distribute the access code to your volunteers or teams. They can then use this code to access the event check-in system.

Step 5. Access and Monitoring: Volunteers or teams can easily access the event check-in system by visiting and entering the provided code. Organizers can also monitor who has access to the check-in system and track how many check-ins each volunteer or team member has completed, ensuring accountability and efficient event management.

Step 6. Easy Access to the event check-in: Share this unique QR code/access code with your fellow volunteers to let them access the event from their accounts.

Maintaining Order and Efficiency

The primary goal of the volunteer or team access to the Check-in app feature is to maintain order and efficiency during event check-ins. By empowering volunteers and teams with access to the check-in app, KonfHub enables organizers to streamline operations and focus on delivering exceptional event experiences.

Try it Today!

Experience the convenience and efficiency of volunteer or team access to the Check-in app for your next event. Say goodbye to cumbersome check-in processes and embrace seamless event management like never before.

At KonfHub, we are committed to becoming the best ticketing and registration solution for all your event needs, one feature at a time. Join us in simplifying event experiences and making every event a resounding success!