Supercharge Your Quizzing Experience With QuizHub Subscription!

Supercharge Your Quizzing Experience With QuizHub Subscription!


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In our fast-paced world, knowledge is a cornerstone, and keeping your audience engaged is of utmost importance. Whether you're an educator, event coordinator, or simply seeking some enjoyable diversion, quizzes have emerged as indispensable resources for learning, entertainment, and interaction. They span a vast array of subjects, ranging from history and science to sports and pop culture, adapting seamlessly to your target audience. At QuizHub, we understand the power of quizzing, and we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new subscription plan that will take your quizzing experience to the next level. With a wide range of features designed to enhance your quizzes and make hosting them a breeze, our subscription plan is the perfect solution for educators, event organizers, and quiz enthusiasts alike. Join us as we delve into the world of quizzing and explore how QuizHub's subscription plan can elevate your quizzing game. What Makes the QuizHub Subscriptions Unique? QuizHub aren't your run-of-the-mill quiz apps. It comes packed with features that make it stand out: QuizHub subscription currently offers 2 plans as shown in the table.

FREE PLAN: Our quizzing subscription's free tier is designed for a broad audience.

  • It allows you to conduct live quizzes with an impressive capacity of up to 100 participants.

  • This plan supports interactive and competitive quiz sessions for enthusiasts.

However, there are certain constraints: you can only run a maximum of three quizzes concurrently.

  • Tournaments are not included in the free plan, limiting its competitive aspects.

  • Customization options for quiz pages and rooms are unavailable for free plan users.

  • Automated participation certificates for quiz participants are not part of the free plan's offerings.

Despite these limitations, the free plan provides an excellent opportunity to host engaging live quizzes with a substantial audience, ensuring accessibility to learning and quizzing for all.

CLASSIC PLAN: Upgrade to our paid Classic Plan for a feature-rich quizzing experience that enhances engagement!

  • The paid plan enables you to engage with a substantial audience, accommodating up to 800 participants in live quizzes.

  • There are no restrictions on quiz creation or tournament hosting - you have the flexibility to create and enjoy unlimited quizzes and tournaments.

  • You will be able to download the registration details of your participants.

  • Enjoy dynamic and engaging quizzes with automated question generation powered by ChatGPT, although there's a daily limit of 30 questions per user on account level

  • Personalize your quiz pages and quiz rooms with ease, including branding options with logos, color scheme selection etc.

  • For quizzes conducted in sign-in mode, automated participation certificates are provided, enhancing professionalism and recognition within your quizzing activities.

This subscription package equips you with a comprehensive set of features to enhance and expand your quizzing experience!

Quizzing has revolutionized the way we engage with quizzes and knowledge. They offer a convenient and enriching avenue for quizzing enthusiasts to dive into a world of information, fun, and learning. Whether you're a history buff or a movie aficionado, there's a quizzing challenge out there waiting to fuel your curiosity and test your intellect. So, why wait?

Embark on your quizzing adventure today and unlock the doors to a world of fascinating facts and endless fun with QuizHub & SUBSCRIBE NOW!