Simplified Event Finances: Secure Payments & Transparent Settlements with KonfHub

Simplified Event Finances: Secure Payments & Transparent Settlements with KonfHub


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Crafting Positive Experiences Through Secure Payments and Transparent Settlement

Experience event management made seamless with KonfHub's secure payments and transparent settlements. Our meticulously streamlined process prioritizes safety and transparency, ensuring financial success for every event. With versatile payment methods, multi-currency ticketing, flexible taxation, automated GST invoicing, and transparent settlements, KonfHub empowers organizers to craft positive experiences effortlessly.

This blog outlines these aspects for organizers hosting events in India.

Versatile Payment Methods

Flexible Payment Solutions: From Cards to UPI, Manage it all Effortlessly!

KonfHub supports a broad spectrum of payment methods – credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets & UPI, providing unmatched flexibility to your event attendees.

To ensure transparency, the processing fee for each of these payment methods is clearly mentioned. As organizers, you can take charge effortlessly by managing these options through your event settings. Toggle specific payment methods on or off with a few clicks in the payment settings section of your event dashboard!

Multi-Currency Tickets

Boost Event Revenue: Amplify Sales with Multi-Currency Ticketing!

Experience hassle-free ticket creation and sales in multiple currencies with KonfHub!

Our multi-currency feature puts the power in your hands, allowing organizers in India to effortlessly sell tickets in various supported currencies. Our platform seamlessly handles exchange rates, payment methods, and automated settlements, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your attendees. Expand your reach and boost revenue by effortlessly selling tickets for your event worldwide.

Note: The Platform Fee percentage is higher for non-INR currency tickets due to higher costs incurred due to cross-border transactions.

Taxes & Charges

Flexible Taxation and Fee Management

In KonfHub, organizers have the flexibility to determine how taxes and processing charges are handled: whether borne by them or passed on to attendees. Organizers can choose to absorb taxes or processing charges themselves. In this case, the ticket prices displayed to attendees would already include these costs. Organizers may opt to pass taxes and processing charges directly to attendees. This means that the ticket prices shown initially would exclude these additional costs. During the checkout process, attendees would see the total amount including taxes and fees before making their purchase.
This customizable feature empowers organizers to manage financial aspects according to their preferences, enhancing the overall user experience on KonfHub.

Automated GST Invoices

Simplify Tax Compliance: Automate GST Invoicing with KonfHub

Organizers can enable participants to receive GST invoices in KonfHub through a straightforward process. Upon setting up their event, organizers have the option to enable GST invoicing in the event settings. Once this feature is activated, buyers who provide their GST details during registration will automatically receive GST-compliant invoices for their ticket purchases. KonfHub's system generates these invoices automatically, helping organizers become compliant with tax regulations and simplifying purchasers' experience as well.
This streamlined approach enhances the experience for both organizers and participants, providing transparency and facilitating smooth accounting processes.

Note: The platform only generates GST invoices - as organizers, it is your responsibility to actually pay the taxes (GST) to the government.

Automated & Transparent Settlements

Effortless Financial Control with Automated Settlements

Streamline event finances with KonfHub's seamless automated settlement system. Organizers can now easily provide their bank account details directly within their event setup on KonfHub. The automated system facilitates settlements directly to the organizer's bank account every Thursday.

Weekly settlements: all transactions that happen from Monday 12:00 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM in a week will be settled on the following Thursday End of Business (EOB). At the end of each cycle, the respective amounts are securely settled into the organizer's account via an integrated payment gateway.

All settlement and transaction details are clearly displayed in the organizer's event admin dashboard, ensuring full visibility and control over organizers event finances.

Secure Payments, Streamlined Settlements: Peace of Mind!

Financial success is paramount for any large-scale event, and at KonfHub, we recognize the pivotal role of event finances. Our payment and settlement process is meticulously streamlined to prioritize safety and transparency. From managing registration fees to automating settlements, KonfHub's platform offers a secure financial environment. With robust payment gateways and transparent reporting, we strive to facilitate seamless transactions, fostering a positive user experience for both organizers and attendees alike.

Try KonfHub today and witness the ease and reliability firsthand!