QuizHub — A Feature-Rich Platform For Your Events

QuizHub — A Feature-Rich Platform For Your Events


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QuizHub is your go-to platform for engaging your audience. You can run LIVE quizzes, scale to thousands of participants, run tournaments, create customized and branded pages, and automatically issue participation certificates.

In this article, let’s see the major features of QuizHub and how you can benefit from it:

MC-led Live Quizzing

Fastest finger first! You can now host quizzes & scale the excitement level with live quizzes led by an MC (Master of Ceremonies). In addition, you can easily integrate YouTube live streams & interact with your audience with moderated chat. No need to worry about scale — easily engage with thousands of participants simultaneously.

Rich Question Formats

QuizHub supports images & code snippets, and more! Want to use images in questions? Yes, you can! Want to use code snippets? Yes, you can do that too! Be it rich-formatting for questions to randomly selecting questions from the question pool to randomizing the options, we have many options for you to choose from!

Quizzing Tournaments

You can now organize a series of quizzes in the form of a tournament. The combined tournament leaderboard adds to the excitement for a long-running series of quizzes. You can even customize the tournament page for enhanced brand visibility!

Customization & Branding

Now you can customize your quiz & tournament pages and quiz rooms to align with your brand guidelines.

You can customize your:

* Text & background colors and fonts

* CTA (Call To Action) button & link

* Feature your logo

*Page text, rules, and more!

Joining a quiz is now as easy as 1..2..3!

You can now easily invite participants to join your quiz and play using:

* QR code

* Short URL

* Quiz code

Didn’t we say letting your participants join the quiz can’t be easier?!

Automatically Issue Participation Certificates

You can now incentivize your audience by automatically issuing participation certificates on playing the quiz. Players can download the certificate on their own after playing the quiz. You can even customize the certificate with your logo for enhanced brand recall!

Play From Your Mobile

You can use any mobile device (Android & iPhone) to play quizzes directly from anywhere without any app installation (web app). Want to install the app? Yes, we have a QuizHub app also — you can download it from Play Store and App Store. Playing quizzes can’t be easier than this!

You can use QuizHub for your conferences, workshops, training, team engagement, hackathons, and more!

Inviting you to give it a try — head to https://quiz.konfhub.com!