Latest in QuizHub: Quiz QR Code & Customisable Pages

Latest in QuizHub: Quiz QR Code & Customisable Pages


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QuizHub has been used in large conferences such as AWS Community Day Virtual Edition, DevFests in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and more. It is also being used in numerous meetups, development communities and student clubs.

Based on user feedback, we are continuously improving our LIVE quizzing platform. We are glad to share that the latest release has a few features that makes QuizHub even more attractive to the organizers.

QR Code for Tournament / Quizzes

There is no need to use or any other QR code generators for your quiz/tournament links anymore! When you create a tournament/quiz, automatically a QR code is available — you can just flash it on the screen during your events so that the participants can scan it and join. You can also download the QR code to share it.

On the quiz/tournament card, you can select the “QRCode” option and you’ll be able to see the corresponding QR code for sharing to the participants for joining the tournament.

Customizable Tournament / Quiz pages

Your conference or event may have a dedicated website and you may have a design language and color themes to use consistently in your digital marketing assets.

You can now customize your quizzing tournament / quiz pages hosted in QuizHub. All you need to do is use the “Customize Tournament / Quiz Page” accordion in the Create/Edit flow for your tournament/quiz. And you’ll be able to change the background color, text color etc and you can see an immediate preview of your color choices in the Sample text as shown here:

We have also introduced tabs in the tournament/quiz page for Prizes, Rules and Guidelines etc. that are customizable.

Customizable QuizRoom Text

When participants enter your quiz room during quiz play, you may want to show a customized text. Now that’s also possible — all you need to do is to edit the text in “Quiz Game Room” accordion in the Create/Edit quiz flow:

We are working on self-paced quizzing and more. Missing your favorite feature in QuizHub? Let us know what features you are looking for in QuizHub in the comments section below or contact us in

Happy quizzing!