Introducing no-signup user play in QuizHub!

Introducing no-signup user play in QuizHub!


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Quizzes can generate buzz and excitement — especially when there is a live leaderboard and prizes are involved! Be it an online event or in-person event, there is nothing like a quiz that can help have fun playing and also learn on the way.

However, most users don’t want to get into the hassles of signup or provide their contact information like emails when playing quizzes.

QuizHub brings you an exciting feature that enables your participants to join the quiz using just a link, give their names, and play!

Yes, participants don’t have to share their email or actual name or other details. You just have to provide them your unique URL for the event and that’s it!

Anyone with the shared quiz link can be a part of your event or quiz using QuizHub. You can know all about creating & managing your events on QuizHub here.

How to enable no-signup play mode?

When you create a quiz, go to “Advanced Details” and select “Allow Guest Users Only” and save the changes. That’s it — no signup required for participants to play your quiz!

Now when a participant joins the quiz, they’ll have to just enter their name like this and play:

Note that no other details are required from the users other than a unique name to play the quiz!

Why choose this option?

This setting works best for in-person events when the most participants are known. Participants can play from their mobiles by providing just their names. Tip: Use a QR code for the quiz URL so the users can scan the quiz URL from their cameras, join the quiz by giving their name, and play.

However, if you are hosting a tournament or quiz with a larger and more diverse participation group, logging or signing-in mode is recommended.

You can use QuizHub for creating MC-led LIVE quizzes — and what’s more, the platform is FREE of cost! Go ahead and use QuizHub to gamify and engage your audience!