How to Attract & Engage Participants For Your Events

How to Attract & Engage Participants For Your Events


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Are you an organizer of a community and struggling with ways to grow your community? Are you hosting an event like a meetup or a hackathon or a conference, and want traction for your event? Are you doing a workshop or training and want to engage your participants?

QuizHub LIVE Quizzing Platform to Attract & Engage Audiences

QuizHub, a LIVE quizzing platform, is an all-inclusive platform that can help solve these problems for you. Now the question is how?

Have you watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)? Why are these shows popular? The answer is in gamification: it creates excitement when you watch the gameplay with how the player answers correctly and if or how someone can win.

You can bring that same buzz and excitement to your events, community, or training without the need to get a celebrity like Amitabh Bacchan! That’s QuizHub — a LIVE quizzing platform inspired by such contests. The big difference is that everyone can participate (unlike selected lucky few in events like KBC). And the platform is FREE!

How QuizHub is Different in Engaging

  • It’s LIVE MC-based quizzing

In QuizHub, quizzes are LIVE and MC-based. There is an MC who engages with the participants throughout the quiz — explaining the rules and regulations, counting down the time for each question, moving to the next question, explaining the answers, et al. All the participants get the questions at the same time and the fastest finger first tops the dynamic quiz leaderboard.

  • It scales to THOUSANDS!

QuizHub is designed with scaling in mind — it means, hundreds or thousands of participants can play the quiz concurrently against each other answering questions. The live quiz leaderboard is updated in real-time which creates a buzz amongst the participants to try to top the leaderboard and see others compete to win the quiz.

  • It’s FREE!

QuizHub is absolutely free for use. The platform has a paid subscription only for quizzes that have more than 2000 concurrent participants. Other than that, it is free for creating any number of registrations, tournaments & quizzes.

 Quizhub has the main feature of scaling the event and engaging audience

Currently, there are two major quizzing tournaments underway with thousands participating:

1) Cloud-Native & DevOps Quizzing Challenge: Test your skills in Open Source, Kubernetes, CI/CD, DevOps, and more in a series of quizzes. There are 7 quizzes from 28 April ’22 to 30 June ’22. Apple Watch for the tournament winner and Amazon cash vouchers for quiz winners. Register here:

2) Cloud Quizzing Challenge: This is the third tournament that is live now after two successful tournaments in the last 6 months. Participate in 9 more quizzes till June 2022, with cash prizes for weekly winners and X-boxes for tournament winners! Register here:

How you can benefit from QuizHub?

  • If you are a community organizer, you can run regular quizzes to engage your community and grow it. Simple prizes such as t-shirts will do (and as you know, players go crazy about winning goodies like t-shirts!)

  • If you are hosting an event like a meetup, hackathon, or conference and want traction for your event, you can organize quizzes. As the organizer, you can download the participant details after the quiz is complete (for those players who have provided consent for the same) and they become leads for your event participation.

  • If you are organizing a workshop or training and want to engage your participants, you can use QuizHub with quizzes on the topic you are covering for engaging them. Bonus: participation certificate is automatically issued to all your workshop/training participants!

  • There are many more scenarios in which you can use QuizHub. For instance, if you want to do campus recruitment for students, you can set up a Python or aptitude quiz and ask candidates to take up the challenge. This way, the selection will be fun as well as best performing candidates can be identified easily.

Given that QuizHub is free, there are no monetary aspects to worry about. And it takes less than a minute to create a quiz. Give it a go:!

Quizhub features

Want a demo or clarifications or assistance for QuizHub? Drop a mail at or message us on LinkedIn and we’ll be happy to help you. Happy quizzing!