Engage your audience for your tech event through a scalable live quizzing platform

Engage your audience for your tech event through a scalable live quizzing platform

One of the simplest, yet most effective tools to engage your audience is through gamification. Essentially, gamification is the application of game elements into business, websites, and learning environments.

In this blog, let’s talk about gamification in learning environments. The end goal of a tech event or a quiz is to engage with the audience and upskill their knowledge base.

Have you seen Kaun Banega Crorepati? Imagine your event attendees playing a live quiz. Thousands of participants playing against each other in a live moderated quiz with a charismatic MC engaging them! Scores are tracked on a live leaderboard and the excitement is palpable. All this on a single platform for zero cost!

QuizHub is a unique platform that enables you, the organizer, to create live quizzes to enhance the learning curve of the quiz participants.

What is QuizHub?

It is an interactive easy-to-use platform that brings together all elements to create an immersive, exciting, and fun experience for the participants.

As an organizer, you can create online quizzes to engage with your audience. Let’s take a look at the exclusive features of KonfHub:

  1. Create & organize quizzes

Many quiz platforms limit the number of quizzes that can be organized by a user. QuizHub allows you to organize any number of tournaments or quizzes for zero cost, thereby, benefiting the organizer — YOU.

2. Scale-up an event

QuizHub allows you to run multiple quizzes with thousands of participants who can play simultaneously. This immersive and enriching experience makes playing the quiz more fun. The main objective for organizing a tech quiz is to upskill the players — which is achieved through the platform in a fun and exciting environment.

3. Live participation

Moderated live chat and optional live streaming are some of the exciting features of the platform. While most of these features are available at a premium cost on other platforms, QuizHub offers these features free of cost.

4. Customize participation certificates

A huge aspect of a successful event is audience engagement. With the evolution of online and hybrid events, an important aspect is giving tangible giveaways. On QuizHub, you can give customizable participation certificates to all the participants — an effective tool for creating a brand value for your event.

5. Active live leaderboard

To keep the quiz buzzing and transparent, a dynamically updated leaderboard showcases the live positions of all participants in the quiz.

6. Zero cost

The biggest advantage of the QuizHub platform is the availability of all the features for absolutely no cost. Believe us when we say that there are no hidden costs attached. The objective of QuizHub is to create a space exclusively for tech events to engage with their participants.

QuizHub has been used in large-format tech events to gamify learning where thousands of people have participated at the same time. The Cloud Quizzing Challenge is one of the ongoing events organized on QuizHub where more than 10,000+ participants have registered on the platform to play quizzes on Azure & Cloud.

With high volumes of participants, audience engagement becomes easy on QuizHub. Be it workshops, hackathons, meetups, or conferences — with QuizHub you can be assured that the attendees will be engaged and active throughout the event.

Do log on to quiz.konfhub.com to try the platform. Feel free to reach out to us at reachus@konfhub.com for more information & support on gamifying your tech event.